Women in Ministry,
 Authors and Coaches.
It's Time to Build Your Mentorship Program.

It's time for you to take your knowledge, experience, anointing and everything God has brought you through to design your mentorship program so that you can help the women you are called to serve.
Is this You?
Do women come to you for solutions to their problems?

Do women come to you to help them to overcome obstacles?

Do women come to you to help them to move forward with their goals?

Do women come to you to help them with confidence and focus?

Do women come to you for guidance and direction?

Is this You?
Are you a woman in ministry - pastor, prophet, evangelist, teacher or apostle?

Are you a woman who leads a women's ministry?

Are you a Christian author who desires to teach or mentor from your book?

Are you a woman with a message that you know will transform the lives of other women?

Is this You?
God has given you many strategies and messages and they are in journals, note pads or 3-ring binders in your house or office, yet you don't know what to do with them.

You have a desire to support others so they get their next level.

Allow me to show you how to use your gifts, skills, ability, calling, anointing, and knowledge so that you can have potential streams of income through your own mentorship program.

Join me for my FREE masterclass!

How to Maximize Coaching and Mentorship Programs in Your Kingdom Assignment

Saturday, October 1, 2022
8:30 am
Virtual Event (Zoom)

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Here are the benefits you'll receive by participating in the Masterclass.
Learn the 7 Steps to  design a
mentorship program so that you can design your program!
Determine who needs your gift and who is waiting for you to help them move forward.
Stop making money mistakes about mentorship.
Learn the streams of income from mentorship programs.
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Don't miss the opportunity!

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The floodgates of business have opened in my Mentoring program. There is a wind and rush of power now that I have never experienced. Moving my life forward now. I am unstuck!
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Pastor Lori Chappell-Green Washington
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About Your Host
DR. SAUNDRA WALL WILLIAMS is the Chief Executive Officer of WMS Corporation, a professional development, consulting and training company that supports emerging and established women leaders in corporations, government, education and non-profit organizations. Dr. Saundra specializes in coaching and mentoring women to increase their influence, impact and income by building themselves and executing their vision.

In her CAREER, Dr. Saundra is not only a certified Christian Leadership and Transformation Coach, she is a former education and technology executive. In her career, she was former Senior Vice President and Chief of Information Technology, Data, Business Intelligence, Library Systems and Distance Learning for the North Carolina Community College System, the 3rd largest community college system in the world. She is also a technical trainer who has trained on state of the art technology and systems. Her skillset over and above mentoring, coaching, training and development includes leadership and organizational development. She is also an Assistant Research Professor in the College of Education at North Carolina State University.

In her MINISTRY calling of teacher, Dr. Saundra is an ordained minister and a member of the College of Ordained Elders in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. She is the Director of Spiritual Growth and Discipleship and the Elder of Christian Education at her church Solid Rock Ministry International. She is also the founder of T.E.A.C.H. Ministries, an international teaching ministry for women in ministry leadership.

For many years, Dr. Saundra felt as if her two skill sets were a disadvantage because the elements of her career and her ministry were different. When she fully embraced both elements of her expertise, she realized that the gifts and talents which helped her to rise in ministry were the same as those that helped her to rise in her career and vice versa.

She brings her 30+ years of experience in executive leadership, education, technology and ministry, and her experience and business acumen to give you her best practices on designing and running a profitable speaking, mentor and coaching business.  
Dr. Saundra has put EVERYTHING she knows into programs to support you to move forward in your career or your ministry.
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